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Phonak Hearing Aids

Discover the Sound of Life with Professional Hearing Solutions and Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak Pakistan

World-wide Top Hearing Aids Brand

Welcome to Professional Hearing Solutions, your go-to destination for the latest Phonak hearing aids.


Our audiology clinic and hearing aids store is dedicated to providing personalized solutions for your hearing needs.


We offer a wide range of Phonak hearing aids equipped with advanced technology to enhance your listening experience.


Our team of experienced audiologists is committed to providing exceptional care and support throughout your hearing journey.


Browse our selection of Phonak hearing aids and schedule a consultation with us today. Let us help you hear the world around you with clarity and confidence.

Our Products 

At Professional Hearing Solutions, we offer a wide range of the latest hearing aids to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our product line includes a variety of styles, including BTE, CIC, ITC, IIC, RIC, CROS, and BICROS, among others.


With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are equipped to provide you with the best and most technologically advanced hearing aids available. Whether you need a hearing aid for mild to moderate hearing loss or a more complex solution, we have a product that is right for you.


Browse our products section today and find the perfect hearing aid to fit your lifestyle and budget.

BTE Hearing Aids

Behind The Ear Hearing Aid

This hearing aid sits comfortably behind your ear transmitting sound to a custom-made earmold via a small tube.

IIC Hearing Aids

Invisible In Canal Hearing Aids

This style of hearing aid

is encased within a

custom-made shell that sits in your outer ear

CROS Hearing Aids

Contralateral Routing of Sound

The concept of a CROS (Contralateral Routing of Sound [or Signal]) hearing aid is simple. Route the sound from the “deaf” (worse hearing) ear to the “good” (better hearing) ear. The result is that people who are deaf or hard of hearing in one ear can now better hear what people are saying from their “deaf” side.

CIC Hearing Aids

Completely In Canal Hearing Aid

This style of hearing aid is encased within a custom-made shell that sits entirely in the ear canal.

RIC Hearing Aids

Receiver In Canal Hearing Aids

This style of hearing aid sits behind the ear and connects to a receiver which sits within the ear canal.

BiCROS Hearing Aids

Bilateral Microphones with Contralateral Routing Of Signal

With CROS/BICROS technology, now you don't have to turn your head so that your better side can hear them. They can speak naturally and the microphone on the CROS device will pick up their voice, transmit it to the device on the better ear, and you get back your 360 hearing abilities.

Home Services

At Professional Hearing Solutions, we understand that some patients may face challenges when it comes to traveling or visiting our clinic.


That's why we offer comprehensive home services for hearing tests and hearing aid fittings, all in the comfort of your own home.


Our team of experienced audiologists and hearing aid specialists will bring the latest technology and equipment right to your doorstep, ensuring that you receive the same high-quality care and attention that you would in our clinic.


Don't let mobility issues prevent you from hearing your best - contact us today to learn more about our home services.

Our Partner

At Professional Hearing Solutions, we are proud to be partners with Phonak, a leading manufacturer of hearing aids.


We believe in providing our clients with the latest and most innovative hearing aids available, which is why we have chosen to partner with Phonak.

Together, we strive to deliver the highest level of quality and satisfaction to our clients.

Phonak Hearing Aids

Our Location

Professional Hearing Solutions ( Pvt.Ltd )

Office # 5 & 6, Ground Floor, Siraj Plaza، Opposite Rasheed Nursing Home, Adjacent Gulzari Optics, Saidpur Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

 Audiology Center l Phonak Hearing Aids Store

0332-5014111 / 0314-5014111

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