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Tinnitus Masker


How and Why Tinnitus Maskers Work

If you suffer from tinnitus, you want answers. How can tinnitus be alleviated? How do tinnitus maskers work? Can they help me? This article can give you answers, and give you the information you need to keep moving forward.

What are Tinnitus Maskers, and How Do They Work?

Tinnitus maskers, or tinnitus noisers, are small white noise machines that work to “drown out” or overpower the internal sounds of your tinnitus.

However, they don’t work in the same way as playing music or listening to a movie washes out the sound. They use specific noises and tones to dampen the noise in your ears.

When you listen to music or television, you can focus on the tune, dialogue, or story within a piece of media. With tinnitus maskers, your tinnitus and the masking sound are both delegated to the background. This allows you to focus easier, fall asleep, or relax your mind.

Think of tinnitus maskers as overhead lights. In a dark room, your tinnitus is a lamp. It’s bright, draws your attention, and might be annoying from where you’re sitting. Tinnitus maskers provide another sound, which is the overhead light. Along with dampening the light from the lamp, it’s larger and easier to adapt to, which allows you to ignore both lights.

If you think you might benefit from a tinnitus masker, try turning on your faucet. If the sound of the running water drowns out your tinnitus, a masker has a high probability of doing the same thing.

The Relationship Between Tinnitus Maskers and Hearing Aids

Not all tinnitus maskers are hearing aids, and not all hearing aids have tinnitus maskers. However, a good number of hearing aids can double as maskers, offering a host of sounds to help drown out tonal tinnitus. Since tonal tinnitus and hearing loss tend to go hand in hand, this combination is beneficial for those who suffer from both.

By combining the technology of tinnitus maskers and hearing aids, people are able to reap the benefits of both devices, without switching between them. This is important for anyone who wants to lead a simple lifestyle, without juggling different hearing devices every day.

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