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Siemens Signia Motion


Technical Specifications

Siemens Signia Motion Specs Sheet


Super powered, compact and fully featured.

The incredibly versatile Motion13P is ideal for wearers with individual fitting requirements and severe to profound hearing loss.

Complementing the equally versatile Motion 13, this power BTE harmonizes the wearer’s voice and surrounding sounds, providing the most natural own voice and best speech understanding in noise.

Motion 13P provides full Bluetooth connectivity and Signia Tele-Care with an optional modular T-Coil integrated in the battery door.

Signia Motion

Powerful & small for severe to profound hearing losses

Being socially active can be a challenge when patients face a severe hearing loss. The new Motion P was developed to offer a sleek and powerful solution where it’s needed, replacing the binax based Motion PX. It meets the needs of all wearers who need every bit of audibility available while providing excellent reliability and ease of use.

Powerful performance just got smaller. Motion P comes in a new, sleek and robust housing in a variety of colors that enhances wearers’ comfort and discretion. primax technology incorporates existing binax and micon technologies while steering amplification where it is needed, elevating the dominant speaker above other sounds in a wide variety of speech environments. Improved amplification, integrated direct audio input and connectivity to our Signia app enable Motion P to cover a wide range of hearing losses.


With their sleek, robust BTE design, the Motion Primax models offer wearers maximum comfort and convenience. There’s a model to suit almost every hearing loss requirement. Easy to adjust and control, they are packed with functionality that lets wearers hear with ease all day long.



Powerful yet incredibly easy to adjust and control, the Motion Primax is ideal for people who want hassle-free operation. And yet, it’s so small, it virtually disappears behind the ear. With its advanced primax technology, Motion S primax ensures effortless hearing in every situation.

Enhanced discretion and convenience

The Signia app makes life even simpler: Wearers can adjust the volume and change programs easily and discreetly via their smartphone. Plus, a wide range of accessories is available for even greater convenience.


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